About Unbound

At Unbound, we develop exceptional Christian leaders by providing the tools, community, and experiences that enable an extraordinary life of purpose.

Unbound’s vision was first penned over a decade ago, with little more than a dream and a passion for making the world of higher education more accessible. Armed with that spark, the fledgling company soon began to grow and paved a new way for thousands of college students. Through the next several years, Unbound’s story included unexpected challenges, unusual opportunities, and unprecedented growth—and provided an affordable college track to adults young and old.

Unbound was particularly suited to a unique kind of individual—those with the drive and enthusiasm to do things differently than the status quo. In particular, Unbound drew young adults who were passionate about following God and living ordinary life in an extraordinary way. 

However, because of Unbound’s focus on low-costs and online academics, these students rarely—if ever—met in person. A pivotal moment occurred in 2013, when a few visionary staff members had a dream to bring their Unbound students together in person—and the drive to make it reality. In the span of twenty-four months, Unbound had its first two regional gatherings and one national event, and its Student Life department was born. 

The rest, as they say, is history. 

Once Unbound students came together in person, a flame of community was kindled. In the context of deep, meaningful relationships, students provided study and life accountability, served as leaders, created mission trips, started companies, and “did life” together—even when separated by hundreds or thousands of miles. The heart of Unbound’s Student Life—and the heart of its Student Body—has always been deeply rooted in an active pursuit of Christ, and exemplified by individuals who are unwilling to settle for “average.” 

After Unbound’s parent company, Lumerit Education, was acquired by one of the world’s largest academic providers in the fall of 2019, a surprising and unexpected plot twist took place in Unbound’s story. The new owners of Unbound agreed to divest Unbound to a new business founded by former members of the Student Life department. After a series of remarkable miracles and months of diligent work on both sides, Unbound was officially divested to the new entity on July 1, 2020.

Unbound now continues its original vision to pursue a wholehearted devotion to Christ with a dedicated focus on the development of exceptional young Christian leaders.

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