Ascend Academics

Ascend students earn 9, 15, or 30 college credits per year,
paving a more affordable path to an accredited bachelor’s degree.

While academics aren’t the sole focus of Ascend, this is a higher education program. College is an important part of what brings our students together. But it’s also not the only reason they’re here — and in our opinion, it’s not the most important thing we do. So how does college work with Ascend?

Ascend is not in and of itself a degree-granting institution, but we serve as an effective liaison between students and their target school — helping them earn a fully accredited bachelor’s degree at the pace they want while allowing them to pursue leadership, character, and community. Beyond their academic classes, students also regularly hear from field experts in a variety of key disciplines, develop and hone crucial life and leadership skills, and apply everything they’ve learned in their Ascend Project.

First, students work with our advising team to choose a target degree and school; this is typically a major offered by one of our (currently six) partner schools. Once a student has decided on a major, Ascend will work with an academic partner to build out their full degree plan. Then it’s time to study! Students take a combination of general education classes and Christian Unbound classes (currently the Signature Leadership Course Series).

When a student has completed as many courses as possible, they will enroll in their target school and complete their final classes directly from the university, which will grant them their degree.

What if I don’t want a degree?

That’s fine — students don’t have to earn a degree to be part of Ascend! Some students enter Ascend for the certifications, personal and professional experience, and development rather than for a specific college degree. They’ll graduate Ascend with valuable certifications, and they can also pursue outside certifications and work experience during their time with Ascend.

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