Gulf Shores, AL | January 20-24, 2024

Life Isn't Easy. That's Okay.

Dare to lean in.
Live and thrive.
Delight and joy.

Everything you’ve ever wanted
is sitting on the other side of fear.

- George Addair



Since becoming a Christian in his home country of Scotland in 1977, he has traveled the globe, first smuggling bibles and Christian resources to churches behind the Iron Curtain. Throughout almost forty five years of ministry, he has spoken to students, business professionals, and government and community leaders.

He has been a frequent contributor to many publications, including writing chapters for the books Beyond Opinion and Global Missiology for the 21st Century. He is the co-author with his son, Cameron (you may know him from the Thinking Out Loud podcast), of Faith That Lasts: A Father and Son on Cultivating Lifelong Belief.


John has over a decade of experience helping people visualize and achieve their ideal futures. He’s worked alongside hundreds of families, assisting them in setting goals and removing obstacles to their success.

He joined Best Times Financial in 2014, and in 2017, John launched his own financial planning practice within Best Times, specializing in designing financial plans that provide clients with strategies for wealth creation and retirement. He works with a broad range of individuals, from retirees to working professionals, and advises them in the areas of cash flow, investments, insurance and education planning. He also leads the firm’s seminar program and teaches several courses in the community each year.


Ken spent his younger years digging ditches and working in construction. He never went to college. Instead, he made goals, planned, and worked hard for thirty years. Now, Ken is a very successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses and revenue streams.

Ken Rusk specializes in mentoring and has coached hundreds of young people in areas such as short-, mid-, and long-term goal setting, life visualization, career paths, and sound financial planning. He is passionate about helping people achieve their dreams regardless of their educational background or past.


Jonathan is the author of The Personal Triangle: The Skills You Need to Live Life Well and the President and CEO of Unbound. Summit Ministries President, Dr. Jeff Myers, referred to him as an “educational entrepreneur.” 

Appearing on stages and podcasts, and leading events around the country, Jonathan teaches young adults and their parents how to ask the right questions, take action, and understand key truths that will enable them to live well. Jonathan’s energetic speaking and teaching style engages and inspires, while his honesty, practical advice, and relentless focus on hope encourages, equips, and enables audiences. Jonathan brings almost 25 years of experience working with young adults and families in a variety of settings from education to business and from church work to outdoor adventures. 


JACE BOWER is the Marketing Coordinator for Unbound. An Unbound alumnus, he has experienced firsthand the powerful advantages of doing college differently and participating in an intentional community. Jace graduated with his bachelor’s degree in History in 2016 and has worked in restaurant management and marketing since then. He also served on the Unbound Student Cabinet in 2019.

The author of two books and a semi-regular blogger, Jace can often be found doing something with words. When he’s not, chances are he’s reading about theology, listening to music, or playing pool or tennis with his wife Shannon in their Virginia home.

VICTORIA GRANT is the Executive Director of Learning for Unbound. An Unbound graduate, Victoria has served in a variety of roles including student leadership, coaching, and in the Business and Leadership program. She is passionate about equipping young adults to recognize their potential, to know God, and make Him known in daily life.

When she’s not working on an Unbound project, you can find her scribbling on a novel, playing a favorite instrument, riding horses, watching a sunset, or dreaming up some new adventure that absolutely includes the Pacific coastline. One of the best parts of her world is walking alongside her fellow Unbound students as they make an eternal impact in their generation.

MEGAN HIETT is the COO of Unbound. She is a 2014 Unbound graduate who fell in love with her college experience as she earned her BSBA. She enjoys being the ‘get it done’ force behind new ideas and loves interacting with students online and in person. When she’s not planning events, creating spreadsheets, or keeping the Unbound team on track, she can usually be found spending time with friends, mastering a new skill, or booking a flight for her next adventure.

TIM FISHER is the Controller and Director of Teams & Talents for Unbound, where he not only crunches numbers but also ensures the team members have what they need to succeed. He is pursuing a degree in accounting through Thomas Edison State University and jumps at nearly every chance to travel he gets. 

When he’s not studying about vision and leadership, Tim enjoys creating adventures with friends, running, biking, and reading. His life mantra is “Live life with an open hand.” He lives in the Greater Cincinnati area.

TRENT EMMACK is an Admissions Counselor for Unbound. He enrolled in Unbound in 2018 and is currently pursuing a Business Degree in Marketing Analytics. Trent served on the 2020 and 2021 Unbound National Student Cabinets, as well as the 2021 Community Development Committee.

In his free time Trent can usually be found lifting weights, watching football, playing the latest RPG, or catching up on TV shows everyone else watched a decade ago. He’s down to do just about anything as long as it involves the right people, which usually means going on crazy adventures with fellow Unbound students and alumni. 

HANNAH SCHWINDLE is a Research Specialist, Student Life Advisor, and Declare Coach for Unbound. As an Unbound graduate, she has had the opportunity to serve in a variety of leadership roles with the Student Life, including the 2020 and 2021 National Student Cabinet. Now, she uses these skills throughout the different areas of her life to serve and glorify the Lord.

When she is not working on a project or communicating with a student, you can often find Hannah spending time with her local community and family or traveling around the United States and having adventures.

DAVID RETHEMEYER is a Senior Marketing Specialist and IT Director for Unbound. He was a homeschool graduate by age 16, earned his BSBA through the Unbound program, and finished his MBA from Missouri S&T by age 21. He specializes in branding, content marketing, and digital advertising.

In his spare time, David enjoys gaming with friends, tinkering with his computer, serving at his local church, snapping photos, and eating absurdly spicy chicken wings.


The biggest beach house on the Gulf Coast (we think).

1341 West Beach Blvd
Gulf Shores AL 36542


Early Bird

$ 499
  • Ends November 16

Regular Registration

$ 599
  • Ends November 30

Late Registration

$ 699
  • Ends December 31


What’s included in the price?

All your food, lodging, speakers, and activities are included in the registration cost. So, besides plane tickets or gas to get there, all the essentials and unique event specifics are covered in your registration cost.

What airport should I fly into?

Pensacola International Airport (PNS)

Is there a shuttle to the event?

Yes! You will receive more information about booking a ticket for the shuttle closer to the event.

What time should I arrive?

If you’re driving, plan to arrive no later than 5pm EST on Thursday, January 20th. If you’re flying, be sure to schedule your flight to arrive by 4pm EST on Saturday, January 20th and to depart after 12pm EST on Wednesday, January 24th.

What should I bring?

Food and housing (including bedding) are all provided. You’ll want to pack all other personal items, but we’ll keep you updated as we get closer to the event (a packing list is coming soon to an inbox near you.)

Will I have time for classes?

There will be a couple of hours of free-time in the evenings, but the mornings and afternoons are pretty jampacked. School definitely shouldn’t keep you from coming, but we’d encourage you to off-load your week as much as possible. Just like APEX and Capstone, you’ll get out of Basecamp what you put into it. So. Bring your all and you’ll get immeasurable benefits out of it.

What about food allergies?

We are equipped to accommodate just about any food allergy you might have. We’ll ask you for more information when you register, but if you want more details ahead of time, just shoot Olivia Jacks an email with your questions at [email protected].

Is Basecamp open to Alumni?

Yes! Basecamp is designed to be applicable professionally and personally whether you are an Unbound graduate or current student. Improving your ability to manage time, tasks, and relationships is always relevant. If it hasn't been for you, please let us know immediately. We’d like to do a case study.