Ascend Certificates are high-level certificates that help you launch with confidence into the workforce.

I’ve realized what leadership actually means, and I have been able to gain confidence in my ability to plan, coordinate, and execute projects. It’s an amazing program that teaches real-life skills that you won’t learn anywhere else.

Faith S.,

Ascend Student


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Ascend Certificates

Ascend Certificates are certificates that document and validate your unique accomplishments during your time in Ascend and present them in a powerful way. Students who successfully complete all three years of Ascend also receive the Unbound Certificate, the highest honor Unbound currently accords.

Ascend certificates are tied to a unique badging system with both online electronic and physical components. Want to add your certificate to LinkedIn or send it to a potential employer? Go right ahead. They’ll be able to click on your badge and go straight to a site that verifies and describes all of your accomplishments during Ascend. Want to show off your physical certificate? You’ll receive your certificates at the completion of each Ascend year.

What’s even cooler is that these certificates stack. In other words, each year you’re in Ascend is a year filled with new accomplishments, new projects, and new skills and experiences. Your certificates build on each other.


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