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DURATION: 3 months (Nov 2022-January 2023)

RESPONSIBILITIES: Create weekly content that features your Unbound experience and meets the guidelines and parameters set by the Unbound Marketing & Content teams.

DESCRIPTION: The Student Content Team’s main purpose is to create content in the form of 10-30 second vertical videos. This content will be used to generate awareness for Unbound programs and courses on IG stories, TikTok Main Feed, YouTube Stories, and YouTube Shorts. 

This content will be created using the student’s own equipment and Unbound’s editing software as needed. Unbound’s Marketing & Content teams will provide formats, topics, and guidelines for the team to follow. 

END GOAL: Students who serve on this team and successfully complete assignments and attend meetings will gain significant training and experience in content creation, copywriting, and specific platform usage. Students on this team will move through three internship phases:

  • Phase 1: In the first month, training and experience will focus on content creation. Formats, topics, timing, and posting will be provided and handled by the Unbound Marketing and Content teams, while brainstorming, filming, editing, and final cuts will be completed by students.
  • Phase 2: In the second month, upon successful completion of Phase 1, training and experience will expand to include everything in Phase 1 plus specific workshops on the platforms Unbound uses and how to find and select formats and topics. This will be in preparation for students to manage assigned posts from format selection, topic brainstorming, content creation, and posting in the third phase.
  • Phase 3: In the third month, upon successful completion of Phases 1 and 2, training and experience will expand to include everything in Phase 2 plus posting. This means the Student Content Team/Squad will be responsible for the entire process of content creation.