A Coaching Program for Moms
Homeschooling through High School

A Coaching Program for Moms 

Homeschooling through High School


Receive monthly live coaching with your Equip group from veteran homeschool moms who have navigated the world of high school, successfully launched their students, and been expertly trained to coach you through homeschooling your high school student. During these calls, you will be able to ask any and all questions, dialogue with your group, and learn about strategies and techniques from your coach.


Attend a monthly webinar and receive a weekly newsletter, both provided by homeschool moms, for homeschool moms and gain access to topics specific to homeschooling through high school. Learn about dual credit, how moms like you choose their curriculum, creative ways to incorporate core skill development into your high schooler’s education, and much more!


Join a community of fellow homeschool moms where you will engage with like-minded parents, benefit from each other’s experiences, and network with each other as you pursue homeschooling through high school together. With daily access to your fellow moms and Equip coaches through the program’s Slack chat group, you can engage on whatever level makes sense for you.

Why Equip?

If you are a homeschool mom who is looking for expert-level support, accountability, resources, and coaching for the high school years, then you should enroll in Equip.

Enrollment closes on July 31st for the 2021-2022 school year. Fall Equip groups will start on August 9th, 2021.

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Starting At


Join by July 31st

Enroll Now

Enroll by July 15th to gain access to an exclusive Summer webinar!

Starting At


Join by July 31st

Enroll Now

Enroll by July 15th to gain access to an exclusive Summer webinar!

A Year in the Life of Equip

August – September

Launch into the new school year with confidence as you focus on planning your curriculum, kicking off the fall semester with excitement, and tapping into your individual creativity. You’ll benefit from your group’s support and expertise as you set up an educational experience customized to your student’s needs and interests.

October – December

Start thinking about the future – whether it’s next year or three years from now – and gain insight into how you can set your student up for success post-high school. Learn what questions you should be asking your student to identify their unique motivations and interests and to re-engage their minds when they struggle with burn-out.

January – March

Embrace a fresh start for the spring semester and learn about creative ways to include extracurricular activities in your student’s education that highlight and develop their individual interests. Learn how to navigate exhaustion through rest and explore organizational systems as you solidify what works for you.

April – May

As you round the corner and enter the homestretch of the school year, spend time digging into the importance of good books and how to design reading lists for your student that will increase their knowledge, challenge them to think critically, and engage their unique learning style.

Meet the Equip Team

Alison Grant, Director of Equip

I am blessed to be a wife for 30 years and a mother of six. Our family has weathered some unique storms throughout our 24 years of homeschooling, including a military spouse and deployments, a law enforcement career, international adoption, health crises, and more. Thus far we have four high school graduates, two college graduates, two currently in college, and the last two kids beginning junior high and high school this year. I love the Lord and am continually hoping to grow and learn, and to encourage others in the same!

Joy Maas, Lead Equip Coach

I have lived in Virginia’s beautiful Shenandoah Valley since 2005 and am blessed with three amazing kids. I have been a homeschool mom for 17 years. My oldest daughter is an Unbound alumni and my 6’6” ‘baby’ is heading to Liberty University in the fall to join my middle daughter! So I am on the home stretch.

I spent three years working in student development at a small Bible college and seven years at Wheaton College’s Northwoods campus, leading wilderness trips and running retreats. I earned an M.A. in educational ministries during that time and I am so excited to continue working with college bound kids.

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How long is the program?

Equip is a 10-month long program that runs from August 2021-May 2022. 

Does Equip focus on a specific curriculum?

Equip is not based on or made specifically for a single curriculum. As a whole, Equip is designed to provide homeschool moms with the resources and support they need to make the right educational decisions for their individual high school student.

What kind of time commitment does Equip require?

We know that homeschooling is a full-time job and as a homeschool mom, you likely already have a busy schedule. We have specifically designed Equip with that in mind. It’s recommended to have 5-10 hours available per month in order to get the most out of the program and be able to engage with the coaching, webinars, and community. 

I’m homeschooling for the first time… can I sign up?

Absolutely! Equip was designed for any and all homeschool moms with high school students. Whether you have homeschooled for years and are looking for support and resources as you enter the high school years for the first time, or you’re brand new to the world of homeschooling and happen to be starting with high schoolers, Equip was designed for you.