Why Higher Education is the Worst Investment You Can Make for Your Student in 2024

The Ascend Program

Break free from the deteriorating environment of higher education and give your student access to a proven, guaranteed path to thriving whether they pursue a career, a trade, or a college degree. 

Unbound’s Ascend program provides a complete alternative to the traditional higher education experience, giving students 16 years and older access to high quality academics that align with their worldview and values, a thriving student and alumni community that will call them up to more than most people settle for, and real world, hands-on skill development in fields of interest.

There are no campus bubbles, crippling debt, politically charged classrooms, skill gaps, or lack of employment connections for Ascend students. In fact, the entire program is backed by an employment guarantee that will grant a full tuition refund for any Ascend program graduate who cannot find meaningful work that makes a difference in world within 6 months of graduation.

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A Year in Ascend


APEX takes place in August and serves as a program orientation for new students, a recognition event for returning students, and a reunion for Unbound alumni.

Between APEX and Basecamp students will begin to attend monthly Subject-Matter Expert webinars and team meetings. They’ll complete their first courses and begin to brainstorm their Ascend project.


Basecamp takes place in early November and is designed to deepen team relationships and teach practical, real world skills in the context of failure and resilience.

Between Basecamp and Ridgeline students learn to develop and plan their Ascend project, submitting proposals for approval as they prepare to execute their projects in the spring.


Ridgeline is held at the end of January and is all about learning by doing. Here students engage in team challenges oriented around hands-on projects.

Between Ridgeline and Capstone students execute their Ascend projects and begin their final courses for the year.


Capstone is held at the end of April and is focused on academics and reflection. Content alternates between Dr. Jeff Myer’s live lectures on leadership and Ascend sessions on reflection, hope, and how to lock in this past year’s training.

Between Capstone and APEX Ascend Teams hold their final meetings, students complete their projects through review and presentations, the academic year concludes, and summer begins.

The next event on the Ascend calendar is APEX. When APEX arrives this time, it is an event focused on recognition and reunion for returning students.

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