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Jonathan Brush is the author of The Personal Triangle: The Skills You Need to Live Life Well and the President and CEO of Unbound. Summit Ministries President, Dr. Jeff Myers, referred to him as an “educational entrepreneur.” 

Who is Jonathan Brush?

Appearing on stages and podcasts, and leading events around the country, Jonathan teaches young adults and their parents how to ask the right questions, take action, and understand key truths that will enable them to live well. Jonathan’s energetic speaking and teaching style engages and inspires, while his honesty, practical advice, and relentless focus on hope encourages, equips, and enables audiences. Jonathan brings almost 25 years of experience working with young adults and families in a variety of settings from education to business and from church work to outdoor adventures. He lives in the middle of the Shenandoah Valley, VA with his wife Kara and their eight children.

Get Jonathan's Book, The Personal Triangle: The Skills You Need to Live Life Well

A fresh model for identifying and exploring your unique strengths and opportunities in less than 100 pages. The personal triangle model is not a personality test. Rather, it is an approach to developing skills that are unique but can be applied in a variety of situations.

Podcast Appearances

Articles by Jonathan Brush

By Jonathan Brush – The Unbound Blog, January 18, 2023

Being educated used to mean knowing all the answers. Today, the critical skill is knowing how to ask the right questions. Our world has shifted from a primarily answers-based paradigm to a questions-based paradigm.

In the world of today, knowing all of the answers is not a significant advantage. Answers are available almost instantly. Instead, the critical skill is being able to find, sort, and test all of those answers…Keep Reading

By Jonathan Brush – The Unbound Blog, February 16, 2023

An education system based on classrooms and an answers-based paradigm does not prepare students to enter a world that is disrupted by technology and operating on a questions-based paradigm. Working in today’s dynamic world in an iterative decision-making process requires a different kind of educational model. It requires project-based learning….Keep Reading

By Jonathan Brush – The Unbound Blog, July 24, 2023

Our current model of preparing young adults for their future hinges on asking young people who haven’t been around the sun very many times to make a very big decision that has enormous consequences. Get The Decision right and it’s a beautiful glide into career success and happiness until early retirement and a lovely life of ease. Get The Decision wrong and it will be career misery for the next 30 years while you live for the weekends, yearn for vacation, and wistfully wish you had made a different choice about The Decision all those years ago….Keep Reading

By Jonathan Brush – The Unbound Blog, July 31, 2023

In the past, there was a consensus that struggle strengthened groups and individuals. Facing hardship and challenges could be unpleasant, but doing so developed strength, and strength was to be desired — strength of mind, strength of character, strength of beliefs, strength of community, and strength of body. Struggle was considered normal and experiencing discomfort was an unremarkable fact of reality. Today comfort is prized above all else…Keep Reading

By Jonathan Brush – The Unbound Blog, August 28, 2023

You do not need fame, fortune, or power to thrive. This is such an essential and counter cultural concept that I want you to read it again, slowly: You do not need fame, fortune, or power to thrive…Keep Reading

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