This elective micro-course is the equivalent of 0.25 high school credits.

High School Core Life Skills: What You Really Need to Know

Learn to manage your time and tasks effectively and build meaningful relationships with the people God has placed in your life.

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Fast Facts

Course Description

In this 8-week micro-course, you’ll study three things: 

  1. You’ll study an overview of time management, learn that how you think about time changes the way you use it, and go deeper into the principles of why it matters.
  2. You’ll study the basics of task management, learn that how you think about tasks changes the kind of things you ultimately accomplish in life, and learn why every single thing you do matters.
  3. You’ll learn why, ultimately, time and tasks only make sense in the context of relationships. 

Course Access

Upon registration, students will receive an email granting immediate access to the course.

This course consists of 4 modules and is designed to be completed in 8 weeks. Students will have access for 16 weeks, starting from when they log in to the course for the first time. 

The content is designed to come in short chunks and be very engaging. Short, animated video lectures (3-10 minutes each) and no more than 1 page of reading at a time.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand the basic concepts behind prioritization, multitasking, scheduling, and productive rest
  • Craft a time management system and reflect on its efficacy
  • Understand the importance of ownership and responsibility 
  • Craft a task management system and reflect on its efficacy
  • Understand that relationships give meaning to time and tasks, beginning with our relationship with God
  • Understand why relationships involve active listening, investment, and service 
  • Reflect on their own relationships, who they are becoming, and how they are engaging in those relationships

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Life skills are about more than how to do consumer math or change a tire. The way we manage our time, tasks, and relationships dictates the choices, thought patterns, and habits we build. Learn to master these key skills and set yourself up for true success.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, all course materials are included online.

We’ve been students. We think busywork is a waste of time, and since this course is about maximizing your time, that would be a shame. In light of that, all course assignments are focused on personal application, concept mastery, and active reflection. You can expect to create your own systems, use them for multiple weeks, and reflect on/adjust them. You can expect to participate in teaching assignments where you prove that you know a concept well enough to share it. And you can expect to share answers to reflection questions that require you to wrestle with the content, not just regurgitate it. 

This course is asynchronous, meaning you don’t have to be logged in at any specific times, but you will want to keep pace with the defined 8-week schedule as there are multiple assignments that span several weeks and cannot be “crammed” at the end of the course. There are recommended due dates that will help keep you on pace with an 8 week schedule so you finish everything in time. 

Your 16 weeks of access will begin when you accept the invite to the course that will be sent to your inbox shortly after you register.

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