Perrin’s Mustang


 “I am restoring/rebuilding the interior of a 2005 Mustang GT. It needs a ton of mechanical work done, although that’s still a little outside of what I’m qualified to do. I am also trying my hand at body work and painting.

“I chose this project because a friend of mine got me interested in cars, but the project has definitely morphed along the journey. I started out looking for a Geo Storm, but I was unsuccessful in finding one so I had to settle for something different.

“So far the most rewarding part has been seeing it come together, and knowing that I have learned so so much along the way.

“The hardest part has been fixing water leaks that get into the interior of the car. I have spent probably over 30 hours working on just the leaks alone, and there is still one more that I have been unable to find. I guess the main thing that keeps me going is knowing that eventually I will get there.

“The most important thing I have learned is probably the ability to do my own research and teach myself things, and I am learning to diagnose small car issues on my own.” ~ Perrin