Refer a Friend, Get Free Perks!

We need your help to recruit the next generation of Unbounders.

As a former student, you know exactly what it means to be Unbound. You know better than anyone who would be a great fit to carry the torch and contribute to this community.

Plus there are some free perks in it for you and the student you refer!

For each student you refer that enrolls in Ascend, you will receive free registration to one Unbound event of your choice!

The student you refer will also receive $250 off Ascend enrollment.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Fill out the form on this page to generate your unique referral link
  2. Share this link with anyone you think is a good fit for Unbound! (And don’t forget to tell them about the discount.)
  3. After the student enrolls, we’ll use the information you entered to contact you about redeeming your rewards!

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