By Students,
For Students

By Students,
For Students

Welcome to your opportunity to influence the future of your community.

Welcome to your opportunity to influence
the future of your community.

We think you are the best way to grow this community

Because you know firsthand what it means to be Unbound

Project-based education

And it's not just a hunch...

It’s an idea that Unbound students have proven over and over again.

Ready to Prove it Again?

(You when you win the exclusive 1st place retreat for your Ascend team)

Ready to Prove it Again?

(You when you win the exclusive 1st place retreat for your Ascend team)


Complete Monthly Challenges

Each month, a new challenge will release and a team score update will be posted.

Each challenge is designed to provide engaging and applicable content for your friends* while also earning you points toward some seriously awesome rewards.


Earn Points for
Your Team

Each monthly challenge will have points associated. You will earn points every time you complete the challenge (there is no limit).

Each challenge will remain open through June 2023, even as new challenges open up.


Unlock Three
Reward Packages

Once the goal for referral enrollments is reached**, three rewards will open up:

  • 3rd place – Merch bundle for each team member
  • 2nd place – 3rd reward plus TSA pre-check
  • 1st place – 2nd and 3rd rewards plus an exclusive Ascend team retreat

*Your friends will never be added to our marketing list unless they opt-in themselves outside of these challenges. Through these challenges, they will only receive the content you sign them up for and information about one Unbound program based on their high school status. And they can opt out at any time.

**The goal of this referral program is to double your student community. That is as simple as each of your bringing a friend into Ascend with you next year. The minimum number of enrollments required to open up rewards is 24. At 48, the exclusive retreat reward will include paid travel.

Earn 200 Points for Your
Ascend Team in May!

Free Relationships & Community Mini-Course for Young Adults

from Unbound

Learn how to build strong relationships and communities!

Submit the form to send the
free mini-course to your friend.


Earn 30+ Points for Your Team in February

Career success does not depend on a piece of paper. It depends what you can do.

Real-world experience matters more than a degree.

(You know that since you’re smart enough to be in Ascend. But we want your friends to know that too.)

Jonathan Brush will be hosting an online event and talking about the “education revolution” on March 6-8. He’ll be talking about events like this one in Maryland and other changes happening in our education system and culture that require young adults to ask, do, understand, live, and thrive. (Sound familiar?)

Your challenge is to get your friends to the online event. Send your friends the link below and tell them to use your team’s coupon code to get $10 off. Wondering where those codes are? Your ATL should be able to help…😉

Live Online Event, March 6-8

The Education
Revolution & You

What you really need to know
about higher education in 2023



Earn 10+ Points for Your Team in January

Earn 10 points for every friend you send Jonathan Brush’s new book to!

The Personal Triangle focuses on three critical skills young people need to develop to live life well.

It’s a fresh model for identifying and exploring your distinctive strengths and opportunities in less than 100 pages. The personal triangle model is not a personality test. Rather, it’s an approach to developing skills that are unique but can be applied in a variety of situations – especially as you consider college and career paths.

Tell Us Where to Send the Book
and Start Earning Points!


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