Learn How to Monetize Your Creative Interests with an Ascend Specialty Track

Study under field expert creatives and gain the skills, tools, and connections you need to make money doing what you love!

Choose the Ascend Specialty Track That's Right for You

  • Learn what it takes to be a part-time or full-time professional writer (regardless of genre!) through instruction and resources
  • Work under, and receive personalized feedback from, a professional writing mentor and publishing coach
  • Learn from real-world writing experts, agents, publishers, and award-winning authors
  • Learn the nuances of how to identify and write for your audience, the financial side of writing and how to make a living, methods of publication and more!
  • Develop skills, tools, and a business plan for your writing career while also polishing aspects of craft
  • Apply what you learn by creating a business plan in the form of a written proposal, which will prepare you for either self or traditional publishing
  • Substantially improve your videography skills through practical, hands-on instruction about storytelling, production, and editing.
  • Receive customized feedback and instruction from a video professional
  • Collaborate with like-minded videographers
  • Apply what you learn by completing an internship and a robust set of hands-on videography projects, including professional videos for YouTube and Social Media, event recap videos, and/or documentaries. 
  • Complete a guaranteed internship with Unbound’s media team or with another organization of your choice
  • Learn to make money from your art medium, whatever that may be
  • Learn how to seek out resources, develop an achievable plan to improve your craft, and consistently level-up your skills
  • Develop a strong theology of art
  • Learn how to be a healthy artist: develop emotional resilience, avoid burnout, and create sustainable habits
  • Receive customized coaching and feedback from an art professional
  • Collaborate with like-minded artists
  • Apply what you learn through a hands-on project or internship

Learn the skills and gain the tools you need to become a successful creative