Student Leadership

Ascend students have the opportunity to gain real world experience,
hands-on training by the Unbound staff, and shape the future of the Unbound community
through a variety of student leadership positions.

Ascend students have yearly opportunities to apply for Student Leadership intern positions with Unbound. Unbound runs several Student Leadership intern teams and individual positions with applications open throughout the year. These internships are fantastic opportunities for Ascend students to build skill and gain experience in the real world. From social media to videography and production to business operations to sales and marketing to event planning to community development and much, much more, the positions are varied, the opportunities are there, and the applications are competitive. 

Take a look below at the recap video for our Ascend orientation event, APEX — an event planned, executed, and hosted entirely by a team of 5-8 Student Leadership interns who serve together for nine months to bring this event to the student community each year.

3-Week Online Intensive for Parents of High Schoolers

What's Next:
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