Ascend Teams

Ascend students’ home base for encouragement, accountability,
peer coaching, and community.

While each student in Ascend is part of (and regularly interacts with) the broader student community, they also have the opportunity to develop friendships and hone their professional skills with a smaller group of students — their Ascend Team. This team structure provides an introduction to accountability and action, team dynamics (students will continue working with various teams throughout their lives), and influence and leadership.

Each Team of approximately ten students is led by an intentionally selected and intensively trained student leader or alumni. While student conversations happen almost daily, these teams also meet online every month to discuss what they’ve learned from their field expert webinars, encourage each other in both school and life, and stay accountable for their goals. In addition, teams participate in a series of fun challenges throughout the course of the year and have the chance to complete group projects as well.

Because we believe deeply in the power of community and mentoring, each team includes both year one and year two students as often as possible. Instead of being on a team solely built of new Ascend students, each incoming student will have the benefit of joining others who have already completed two rigorous certifications and who are uniquely positioned to encourage and motivate them as they jump in.

Year two and three students are invited to pursue one of the competitive Ascend Team Leader positions, receive training in coaching and mentoring, and build their own resume in powerful ways — while pouring back into the lives of younger students.

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