Alternative Education
for Real Work

How non-traditional education is revolutionizing the way students prepare for and launch into their trades

The Stats Are In

  • There are close to 4 million students are homeschooling in the US.
  • Homeschooling is the fastest growing educational trend in the US.
  • Homeschool students typically perform better in professional and educational endeavors post high school than traditionally educated students.
  • Homeschool graduates are more involved in their local communities than public school graduates.

You Need Homeschool Students

By finding and connecting with your local homeschool leaders, you will likely be able to build a network that will provide a pipeline of employees, as long as your company can offer great culture and opportunities.

A Better Alternative to College

Traditional higher education is failing students. In a constantly changing world, colleges are failing to help young adults learn skills that will actually benefit them in real-world trades and careers.
That’s why we built Ascend.

Education for the Real World

Ascend by Unbound is a project-based leadership and professional development program that prepares young adults for real life by equipping them with the skills, experience, and network they need to excel in academics, work, and relationships.

& Teams

Ascend’s team structure and ambitious project requirements challenge students to build critical life and professional skills while gaining hands-on experience in fields that interest them. Through the coaching and accountability of teams and the real-world challenge of projects, students hone relational and professional skills every day.

Courses & Certificates

The nine credit level of Ascend includes the accredited and certified Signature Leadership Course series. These three rigorous courses take students through at least 300 hours of study and application in the field of leadership, conflict resolution, effective communication, coaching, mentorship, negotiation, and persuasion.

& Network

Through three live student events, monthly team meetings and expert-led webinars, and daily interaction with their fellow students, team leaders, and staff, Ascend gives students the opportunity to build meaningful, life-long community and a nationwide network that includes not only their current class but 10,000+ alumni.

Students who enroll in Ascend while pursuing a trade will gain essential time and task management skills, relationship skills, leadership skills, and a complete student experience while still being able to work full time.

About Unbound

At Unbound, we develop exceptional leaders by providing the tools, community, and experiences that enable an extraordinary life of purpose. We approach all of this from a Christian perspective, but we don’t require our students to share our worldview. We simply look for students who are willing to go against the grain, work hard at both personal and professional growth, and dive into a community of purpose-driven young adults.