Ascend Workshops

Experts from the frontlines sharing their
experience, perspective, and stories.

Education is a multifaceted process that includes not only academics, but also — and perhaps more importantly — the ability to ask questions, the opportunity to hear others’ stories, and an environment that encourages healthy discussion about the world around us and practical, actionable ways we can respond as followers of Christ.

Ascend students attend monthly Expert-Led Webinars throughout the year with the greater Ascend class. During these webinars, they have the chance to hear from experts in a variety of fields with unique stories and perspectives. These webinars are held through video calls and include Q&A time for students to dialogue and engage with the speaker. Topics range from the importance of community, how to quickly and effectively master complicated information, discipleship and apologetics, missions, entrepreneurship, and more. We won’t guarantee that students will always agree with the speaker, but that is not the goal of these webinars. The goal is to challenge students to think critically about the world around them, ask questions, and engage in productive conversations both with the speaker and with each other and their team leaders. 

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