An event for alumni and their families.



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If you’re interested in attending APEX as an alumni. . .

. . . either individually, as a married couple, or with a family, we really want to give you options that make that possible. If staying in student housing and playing spikeball in the guy’s dorm or line dancing until after two a.m. is not your priority, read on. 


Come celebrate that 10th APEX with your Unbound friends!

Individual - $550

For a total of $1,000

With a Spouse - $500

$190/additional child registration

With Kids - First two are FREE!

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Location and Dates

Location, Housing, & Dates

APEX is held at scenic Carolina Point, a venue located on the border of North and South Carolina. Housing for alumni here is way better. Instead of staying in the dorms, you have the option to stay in hotel-suite style rooms with your family. There’s a kitchen area in the building that you will have full access to, as well as a kid’s play area and a large living room. It’s pretty nice.

APEX will take place August 11th through 15th, Sunday Through Thursday. You will fly into Charlotte Douglas International Airport and be shuttled to the destination.



Alumni Content

Content options are still in progress. Because we’re interested in bringing back so many past alumni and making APEX a mini family reunion, we’ve created a separate alumni cabinet made up of former students who served on cabinet in the past or were otherwise active in the community. If you’ve been to APEX before, chances are you know some of them. They are a mix of professionals, newlyweds, and young parents, and their only job is to make sure that APEX is an incredible experience for alumni like themselves. (Which absolutely includes calling all their friends and peer-pressuring them into coming). As an alumni, you will have total access to all the student content and sessions, but also freedom to choose what parts you want to attend. There will also be separate, exclusive content for alumni and separate small groups and discussion times available.


Have Questions?

If you have further questions about attending APEX as an alumni, please reach out to us here: [email protected]

This is an early-access landing page—more details coming soon!