The Unbound National Student Cabinet plans APEX from beginning to end. They brainstorm the event, write the theme, contact and hire the speakers, design the activities, and take care of as many logistics as Megan and Olivia can bear to give up. In other words, they are pretty awesome. (Fun fact: they also wrote this website.)

In short, they have the incredible privilege of designing the event that brings you all together. In every moment of planning this event, they hope that they have served the community well, and they can’t wait to see you all turn their ideas into the glorious reality that is APEX.

Caleb Brush’s favorite APEX memories were all unplanned. This is not to say that they all involved rule four violations, merely that they were all spontaneous. Caleb is from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and enjoys outdoor adventures that push a little bit past the comfort zone. At least, he enjoys talking about them after the fact. He’s working towards a bachelor’s degree in History, and also sort of enjoys running a part time home repair business. Caleb’s life has been changed in incalculable ways by connections, friendships, and community that began at APEX, and he’s most interested in making that a reality for everyone present at APEX. Finally, he’s highly skeptical that anyone reads the bios on a website anyway, mostly because he never does, and would appreciate some confirmation that this effort wasn’t all for nothing. You are welcome, valued reader.

Hannah Klar is from Southwestern Wisconsin where the closest town has a cheese factory, at least three bars, and a Kwik Trip, but no grocery store. A true Midwest dream. A good portion of her time is dedicated to working in a flower shop and house sitting fifteen animals (which doesn’t include the countless fish and chickens). In her free time Hannah likes to create things, whether that is by crocheting, sewing, or even using hot glue and prayers to hold together costumes for local theater productions. She also enjoys time with her friends and family and is going to use the excuse of being a part of the APEX planning to coerce as many of them as possible to attend.

Ashleigh Brush lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where she currently spends her time making lattes, chasing small siblings, and reading books. While she has many interests (ask her about typewriters or miniatures), she is passionate about two things in particular: learning as much as possible, and connecting deeply with the people around her. Where learning and people intersect, you have found her happy place. Coincidentally, learning + people is pretty much the definition of APEX. Ashleigh is passionate about every part of this event and can’t wait to be a part of creating community and connection this August.

Ben is busy, please hold.

Alanna Lopez is from Western Washington. As a true Northwesterner, she enjoys the trees, the mountains, and even the rain! She enjoys hiking with her energetic Australian Shepherd, reading books, or watching sunsets. Alanna first went to APEX two years ago because her mom signed her up. As a self-proclaimed introvert, she was wary of going somewhere she didn’t know anyone. But immediately after stepping off the bus, she was surrounded by people who also valued deep conversations, personal relationships, and a passion for Jesus. She found some of her closest friends at APEX, who push her out of her comfort zone, walk alongside her when life is hard, and help her pursue Jesus. Alanna is really looking forward to APEX this year, and you should definitely ask her about Tacos! (Yes, with a capital T.)

Caleb Maas wants you to know ten things before you get to APEX. Caleb is six feet, six and a half inches tall. Caleb isn’t trying to sound special by adding half an inch, he is just sick and tired of having people go “wait really?” and responding sarcastically: “No, I’m lying.” Caleb does not play basketball. Caleb will use sarcasm as a defense mechanism. Caleb is the younger brother of Riley Maas. IYKYK. Caleb is pursuing a bachelor’s in Event Planning at a, a… box school. *throws up* Caleb is not better at spikeball than Caleb Brush, but he will never admit that. Caleb can, however, serve the living daylights out of Brush and make him cry. Caleb has spent the last seven years attending APEX, and plans to help make this one the biggest, craziest, coolest, and probably most sarcastic APEX of all time. Caleb can’t wait to see (over) you at APEX.

Elizabeth Pronschinske is a staunch believer in roadtrips, soup, Christmas lights, bagpipe music, and the superiority of walking the earth barefoot. Although her time is primarily split between working as a paralegal and coaching track and cross-country, she feels most alive when she is rummaging through antiques, playing capture the flag, or losing a game of Dutch Blitz to her family. In her experience, APEX has been a life altering event, and she is honored to take part in the solemn and delightful task of plotting ways to make it the same for you. Elizabeth would like you to know that she was forced, coerced, peer pressured, and generally badgered into writing this bio, and that she would much rather talk to you in person in August. Until that time, watch out for deer, and tell your folks she says hi.


- shockingly, not one of us

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