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The Personal Triangle


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A fresh model for identifying and exploring your unique strengths and opportunities in just seven engaging chapters. This is not a personality test. Rather, it is an approach to developing skills that are unique but can be applied in a variety of situations.

Resilience is the discipline to learn new skills and grow in areas we aren’t naturally strong in. Relationships help us fill in the gaps in our skills by bringing in people whose strengths complement our own.”
– p. 60

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"Organized well, presented well, great spiritual connections from a Christian perspective, made a lot of sense and very, very helpful!!!"


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"You'll Never Find a Better Community."
-Colton J., Student

Ascend Semester is a remote project-based education and Christian leadership program that teaches students how to translate their academic and nonacademic studies and experiences into practical, actionable steps that equip them for life.

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What Students Just Like You Say

I’ve realized what leadership actually means, and I have been able to gain confidence in my ability to plan, coordinate, and execute projects. It’s an amazing program that teaches real-life skills that you won’t learn anywhere else.

Faith S.,

Ascend Student

Ascend is a program where you learn to have a question-based mindset, where you learn to ask questions and grow more in your understanding. Ascend has helped me realize that in order to be extraordinary at the ordinary, I need to learn to seek discomfort to grow, learn to ask questions to further my understanding and knowledge.

Andrew C.,

Ascend Student

Ascend has helped me to come out of my shell and not be as afraid to try new things. This is a place where you can be yourself and almost always find someone to laugh with you. They challenge you to do things that grow you and challenge you in new ways. It's also a great way to make friends and build connections.

Alexandra F.,

Ascend Student

I chose Ascend because it sounded like it incorporated an in-person community. . . and had much more of a life application emphasis than other programs. Connecting with people from around the country gave me a much higher motivation and encouragement than I would have otherwise. Also the leadership courses had a ton of impactful reading and discussing it with the others was very thought provoking and developed how I see and move in the world.

Jesse K.,

Ascend Student

Ascend has introduced me to some of the most extraordinary people in the world. The friendships I made in this past year are not fleeting or superficial; but rooted in a love for Jesus and passion for living life which promises longevity. I couldn't be more grateful.

Briley C.,

Ascend Student

Ascend changed the way I view my abilities. . . the way I view leadership, and the way I view time management. You seriously need to do Ascend, it'll change you for the better in many ways, and you'll never find a better community.

Colton J.,

Ascend Student

Ascend has pushed me outside of my comfort zone within a supportive network of friends. My critical thinking skills have improved and the relationships in my life have flourished because I have been given tools that have grown my character.

Tim F.,

Ascend Alumnus

The Ascend program has been a great fit for me. Ascend is not just a typical online college program. The community involved with the program is supportive and helpful! Ascend has been beneficial for me where I am right now and for the future. You're not just a number, you're a part of a community!

Madison T.,

Ascend Alumna

The Ascend program was an awesome experience! Not only was the content from the webinars amazing, but the in-person events were so valuable! The students on my team and in the whole class are still some of my closest friends. It was an honor to graduate alongside such genuine, intelligent, and exceptional people.

Tamma P.,

Ascend Alumna

Ascend Semester by Unbound is a Christian project-based education and Christian leadership program that trains young adults in critical life skills, plugs them into a powerful community and network, and provides hands-on experience in fields they are interested in, all while they earn a bachelor's degree online.

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