Launch into Adulthood

Whether your student knows exactly what they want to do after high school or isn’t sure yet, there are critical life, study, and leadership skills they need to be successful in the real world.


Choose Your First Step


Explore is a 10-month dual credit and Christian high school coaching program for 12th grade. Explore students have the opportunity to earn college credit and develop invaluable life and study skills while they finish high school and prepare to launch into adulthood.

Ascend Semester

Ascend Semester is a remote 16-week project-based  Christian leadership program for students 16 and older. Semester students earn 3 college elective credits, explore their interests through an 8-week project, receive monthly team coaching, and more.


Ascend is a remote 3-year project-based higher education program for students 16 and older. Ascend students are trained in Christian leadership, earn 9-30 college credits per year, and complete three intensive 16-week projects in fields they are interested in.

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hear about project-based education
hear about project-based education
hear about project-based education
hear about project-based education
hear about project-based education
hear about project-based education

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