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Education is broken

Conventional education keeps students at their desks, actively undermines their faith in Christ, and forces most to start their life in debt. A real alternative is desperately needed.

Education is broken
Real Unbound students

Unbound students in Colorado and Ecuador

Unbound is different

We provide you with the tools, community, and experiences that enable you to live an extraordinary life for Christ—and you can earn an accredited bachelor’s degree at the same time.

Pick your plan

No matter where you are on your journey, we’ve got an accessible way for you take the next step.

Prepare for life, not for the classroom

The core of what we do, Ascend is an intense experience designed to catalyze, enable, and energize young Christians. Ascend students don’t just graduate with easily-transferable college credits, they graduate as leaders and innovators with a world-class community that has their back.

Signature Leadership Course Series with Dr. Jeff Myers

Unbound students taking the Signature Leadership Courses

Lead with confidence

Leadership isn’t just for the pastor or the entrepreneur. It’s for anyone who finds themself in a position of influence. If you are a student, friend, coworker, teacher, parent, or employee, you will find opportunities for leadership.

An Unbound-student favorite, the Signature Leadership Courses are taught by Dr. Jeff Myers, the President of Summit Ministries and one of America’s most respected authorities on youth leadership development. In the series, students learn how to live out true Christian leadership.

A few reasons students love Unbound

“Being Unbound has allowed me to pursue my dreams and helped me reach my goal of competing for Team Canada internationally. I can honestly say I don't know if this would have been possible if I had been in a classroom.”

Caitlin Campbell

Unbound Student

“Unbound is the best community I’ve ever been involved with… I have yet to find a student that is someone I don’t like and can't get along with.”

Marlin Fisher

Unbound Student

“Unbound let me put school second so I could put life first.”

Alison Lohr

Unbound Student

“With Unbound, school didn’t have to be this thing that tied me down. I was able to invest time in other things and people in ways that would have been much harder if I was doing college another way.”

Wyatt Lieberman

Unbound Student

“Unbound helped me think bigger, broaden my horizons, and think about what I could really do.”

Molly Weber

Unbound Student

“If you want to be surrounded by a community of people who care about you, then Unbound is a beautiful place to be.”

Carla Thompson

Unbound Student