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Unbound Guilds

Unbound Guilds are designed to help students develop skills among like-minded individuals, gather inspiration for new projects, find partnerships, and have accountability to accomplish goals. With groups for art, business, science, technology, fitness, music, filmmakers, investors, and international students, we've got a Guild for everyone.

LEADERSHIP: Every Guild has at least one student chairman or chairwoman.

A group of Unbound students

Unbound students

Unbound students on an Empower Call

Unbound students on an Empower Call

Empower Calls

These student-led video calls provide Unbound students an avenue for connection, conversation, and community.

LEADERSHIP: The student-run Empower Call Management team handles scheduling and recruits fellow students to host Empower Calls.

Video: View Call Excerpt

Forums & Facebook Group

Unbound’s forums and Facebook group provide students with a platform to meet likeminded peers, share study tips, encourage one another, and engage in respectful conversation about current events.

LEADERSHIP: These groups have student moderators that work with staff to maintain a vibrant environment.

Unbound online community for college


Engage Events

Our students deeply value face-to-face interaction in addition to their online community, and we help them initiate local events around the country. Students get together at these events to find fellow students in their area, watch inspiring sessions, and take a much-needed break from their studies.

LEADERSHIP: Students organize and host Engage Events with resources and advising from staff.

APEX event, Ascend

Students at an Engage Event in Texas

Unbound Students

APEX: Spark

APEX: Spark events are a series of four regional events held in the Fall of 2020. Due to risks associated with COVID-19, the national student event was replaced with distributed gatherings in Texas, Virginia, Colorado, and Indiana so that students can meet in an environment that prioritizes safety.

Learn more about APEX: Spark



For new students, APEX is the ultimate orientation. For graduating students, APEX is the ultimate crescendo. This event is the largest event in the program—open to alumni, family, and friends. Past speakers include Eric Metaxas, Joel Salatin, Phylicia Masonheimer, and Navy SEAL Mike Ritland.

LEADERSHIP: The Unbound National Student Cabinet plans APEX every year with coaching from staff.

Video: Watch the Recap

Visit the APEX site

APEX event, Ascend

Students at APEX

Bootcamp students, Ascend

Students at Basecamp


Basecamp is an intensive life training event held somewhere warm each January. Basecamp breaks students into smaller groups, presents challenges for those groups to work on, and is designed to train students in critical life skills that they will need no matter what career or vocation they are called to.

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Held in the mountains of Colorado, Capstone is part of the last course in the Signature Leadership Series. At this event, students are mentored in person by Dr. Jeff Myers on Christian leadership.

LEADERSHIP: Capstone Alunni are exlusively invited to assist with event facilitation.

Signature Leadership Course students

Students attending Capstone


Mission Trips

On any of our international trips, our students have the opportunity to grow their perspective and take on the challenge of immersing themselves in a new culture with their fellow students. Past trips include missions work in Ecuador and Zimbabwe and language study in Spain!

Video: Watch the Ecuador Recap

Apply for Zimbabwe 2021

APEX event, Ascend

An Unbound student serving in Ecuador

Students love this community

“Unbound is…one of the best decisions we’ve made for the kids as they began their college path!”


Unbound Parent

“The people are so helpful and real and genuine. They truly care about you and want you to succeed in whatever your passionate about pursuing.”


Unbound Student

“As the parent of an Unbound student I can honestly say this community has been life changing for my son and our family. The students in this community are some of the most amazing people I have ever met.”


Unbound Parent

“Unbound allowed me to pursue both my degree and life at the same time. The education I gained as part of the program was great, but the friendships and connections I made and alumni network I still have access to are what really sets the program apart.”


Unbound Alumni

“I have been able to see how my skills and personality have been built through the situations God has placed me in more than before.”


Unbound Student

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