The World’s in Chaos. We Need Christian Leaders.

In the last couple years we’ve thrown the term “unprecedented times” around like confetti.

Life has always carried some level (or at least threat) of chaos. But recently, that chaos has seemed to intensify. COVID-19, a contentious 2020 election, political and social turmoil, and economic uncertainty have all contributed to this general feeling of uncertainty and fragility.

The common response to “crazy times” and chaos is to hide away. People are searching for something reliable to hold onto. They want to retreat from the chaos and find a safe place to get comfortable.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with seeking to protect ourselves from danger and chaos. But if our desire to hide away from the chaos prevents us from doing what we’ve been called to do, we need to step up and enter the fray.

Christian Leaders Needed

You’ve seen an overabundance of “help wanted” signs hanging in cafe and shop windows. There’s another need that people aren’t advertising: a need for faithful Christian leaders who can bring the light of God into the darkness and can carry hope into the chaos.

Every generation represented in the church is called to help fill this need, including young Christians.

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At Unbound we talk a lot about preparing students for life. Navigate is a course about decision making that helps guide students through their season of preparation, helping them make wise decisions as they go. The Ascend program is all about preparing students for life in the real world through building skills, gaining experience and developing community.

This is what we mean when we talk about preparation for life. We want to see the next generation of Christian leaders step up in whatever area of life God has called them to serve. We don’t train students in ministry, unless you consider all of life to be ministry. There is certainly a need for Christians to lead in ministry and the church. But we also need Christian leaders in the worlds of business, the arts, education, medicine and technology.

Equipped for Chaos

This is so important to remember: our students don’t need to prepare for a comfortable career and a comfortable life. They need to prepare to carry hope into the chaos and light into the darkness.

Of course, spiritual formation will be critical to their ability to do this. Spiritual discipleship is essential to the development of young Christian leaders.

But in addition to spiritual formation, there is a need for practical training and equipment for the down-to-earth challenges that these young people will encounter. That means developing skills and experience. 

Prepare Them for Chaos

As your student seeks the will of God for their life, encourage them to be bold. As they prepare for life, encourage them to prepare for impact. This will lead them out of their comfort zone and into the chaos. 

Your student has been equipped by their Creator with certain strengths to be used for His glory. Fruitful impact takes God’s power, time, faithfulness, and responsible preparation.

Navigate is a course designed for growing Christian young people as they learn to make wise decisions about everything from career to education and beyond. Enroll now before September 19th.

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