Learn How You Learn Best

I remember first experiencing the freedom that comes with being an Unbound student. It was tranformational.

I don’t even really mean the freedom of schedule (though I loved that, too), but instead I mean the freedom to learn how I learn best and be creative with my studying.

  • I remember studying for a US History test but actually drowning in dates and facts… so I looked up a history documentary on Netflix and retained way more.
  • I discovered I’d way rather write papers for one of my final courses… outside in the shade with an iPad and headphones.
  • When I struggled studying for an English test because I kept mixing up book titles, stories and authors… I looked up Sparknotes Youtube videos to keep track.

Each of these lessons revolutionized my college experience.

Here’s the good news: You aren’t forced to sit in a classroom desperately trying to copy and retain information. You, too, can choose to learn how you learn best. 

To those of you who are drowning in Accounting 101 or struggling to keep focused while studying in the same place you always do: I see you. Here’s what I want you to remember about being Unbound: 

You aren’t bound to the resources you’ve been given
Or to the place where you are studying
Or to the time of day everyone thinks should be your study time
Or to your inner critic that tells you “you aren’t good at math” or “you aren’t good at writing.”

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Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things so you can discover how you learn best. Once you find out what it is, maximize it.

Try new environments, new study schedules, new music, new videos or podcasts, or other resources. 

You learn differently than the person next to you, and that is a beautiful, healthy thing.
You are capable of learning that difficult subject—you can and you will.
You are allowed to acknowledge when something isn’t working, and then work to fix it. 

So go for it. Be Unbound, and learn how you learn best.

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