These 3 Core Skills Are Essential For Success

core skills that move you forward

What are the core skills that your students need as they launch into their life and career?

We could come up with a full list of essential skills. There are actually three core skill sets that everything else falls into. At Unbound, we represent these core skill sets using a triangle. Each point of the triangle corresponds to a specific skill set. According to this model, each person lands somewhere in the triangle, combining different skill sets and strengths.

In this post, I’ll run through the three points of this triangle and explain the three core skills represented.

Core Skill #1. Create

The first point of the triangle is “Create”. This corresponds to the ability to imagine something new and begin to put it into action. 

People who are strong in the Create skill set are visionary thinkers. They can see opportunities and understand how to bring something new to the table. Many entrepreneurs and artists are strong in the Create skill set. This is because they are often required to bring new ideas to life.

While many strong creators are great brainstormers and idea-generators they sometimes struggle with implementing those ideas long-term. They really excel at bringing new things to the table. Oftentimes need help executing those ideas from start to finish.

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That’s where the next skill set comes in.

Core Skill #2. Coordinate

The next point on the triangle represents the Coordinate skill set. Coordination entails organization and logistical precision. Therefore, strong coordinators are the ones you want to turn to when seeking to implement a system or process. They get things done in an organized way that runs efficiently and smoothly.

The power of coordination is in the systems and processes that it forms. Strong coordinators often see what needs to happen and they understand the best steps to take to do it.

The danger here is to create such a complex system or process that it actually becomes counterproductive. Coordination should lead to increased productivity, not more unnecessary work.

Core Skill #3. Connect

The final skill set in the triangle is Connect. This has to do with what many would call “people skills”. The core ability of the Connect skill set is connecting with others. This includes understanding their needs and drawing them into an idea or vision. This skill set is very relational and communicative.

People who are strong connectors are often the ones that organizations and businesses lean on to work in sales, marketing, and customer service roles. They have high emotional intelligence and are good at connecting people with other people, ideas, and more.

Connect skill sets can sometimes lead people to place too much emphasis on how others are receiving them. This can lead to giving into peer pressure or being inauthentic in an attempt to stay connected to people. Overall, the Connect skill set complements the other skill sets well.

To learn more about what core skills are important for young adults growing up, check out the Navigate and Finding Work You Love courses from Unbound.

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