Who Has Been on Past Ascend Webinars?

Every month Ascend students gather virtually to learn from subject matter experts in a variety of fields and walks of life. These webinars are designed so that students can learn from a diverse group of people with different perspectives, stories, and expertise. 

So what gets shared during these webinars? And who shares?

What is Shared?

Webinar speakers share their perspectives, stories, and experiences in various fields.


Each webinar speaker shares perspectives on life, faith, work, and more that are relevant to all in attendance whether they are pursuing the speaker’s field or not.

For example, an artist may be speaking but their session will touch on more than just art. If a student isn’t interested in art, there will still be much to learn from the webinar. 

Speakers come from a variety of backgrounds and have diverse life experiences. Some are far older than students, offering the wisdom of age and extensive life experience. Others are just a few years older than students and offer a peer’s perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing students.

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Of course, not every student will agree with every speaker’s perspectives. But then again, that’s part of learning to be a young adult who thrives in the world: the ability to think critically about the world and the perspectives of others!


Each speaker has a story to share. Whether it’s a story from the far-flung mission field, the boardroom, or the living room, each speaker’s story is a relevant and exciting part of their session.

Experience and Expertise

While webinar speakers present material that is highly relevant to their entire audience, they are also encouraged to exercise their expertise in certain areas. This may look like sharing about a specific skill set they’ve mastered in a particular field. Or it may look like tackling a topic within the context of the speaker’s background.

Past webinars have included talks on learning mindsets, the ability to quickly and effectively master complicated information, the arts, business principles, and more.

Who Speaks?

This brings us to the question of who presents as subject matter experts at these webinars.

Past webinar speakers have included the following:

  • Rhea Perry, homeschool mom, entrepreneur, and author
  • S.D. Smith, author
  • Skye Peterson, singer-songwriter
  • Hannah Brencher, author and TED speaker
  • Nathan Rittenhouse, speaker, podcaster, and preacher
  • Atalie Bale, missionary and photographer
  • Donald Emmack, former law enforcement officer and entrepreneur
  • Joe Denner, CFO, COO, and business coach/consultant
  • And many more!

As you can tell from the list above, the speakers at Ascend Webinars have mastery in diverse yet relevant fields of interest. They share a variety of perspectives and, as I mentioned above, we won’t guarantee that every student will agree with what the speakers share! Ascend webinars are designed to provide students with relevant principles for their life preparation and challenge them to think critically about the world around them.


Ascend webinars give students access to relevant and critical perspectives from people who are living out Unbound principles by being extraordinary at the ordinary. These subject matter experts share from their experience and mastery to provide both general and specific takeaways for students that are immediately applicable to their lives.

Ascend webinars are only open to students enrolled in the Ascend program. To check if your student is eligible to join and participate in Ascend, schedule a free consultation with our admissions team by clicking here.