Why Our Students Love Unbound Events

If you have ever attended an Unbound student event, you probably know what I’m talking about: that special “vibe”. It’s a unique experience. It’s what sets APEX apart from other student conferences.

The Unbound community is special. We’re a little biased of course but we’ve gotten confirmation of this from outside speakers and event staff.

Basecamp is this week. This five-day life skills intensive will train attending students and alumni how to excel in managing time and tasks while building great relationships and community. So as another Unbound event approaches, let’s explore what makes the Unbound community so unique and what makes Unbound events a uniquely spectacular experience.

In preparation for writing this post, I wanted to get thoughts directly from Unbound students. I sent out a call on the great Unbound community hub on Facebook. (If you’re a student or alumni and aren’t in the Facebook group, join today!)

I got some great insights from students on what makes Unbound events unique to attend. 

Everyone is safe to talk to. People are willing to get in deep without pressuring you, and that’s super special!”

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“The authentic, deep conversations with people that I get to know in person, sometimes for the first time ever…but it feels like I’ve known them my entire life.”

“No awkward first conversations! Everyone is just open and willing to talk!”

“When, as an introvert, you don’t want to avoid people or the week to end.”

That last one is a pretty big deal!

My own experience has shown me the same thing. Unbound events like APEX, Capstone, and Basecamp are comfortable to attend. 

There is a special feeling of acceptance that I have experienced at Unbound events that I haven’t found in other places.

At APEX we encourage students to make the most of their time by meeting new people and investing in relationships, both new and old. Our students take this to heart. Whether they are there for the first time or the fifth, Unbound students reach out to others around them and take a genuine interest in their fellow students and alumni. 

The depth of these relationships is unique. As some students alluded to in the comments above, Unbound events are great places to find people who will go deep with you. A community that practices such trust and vulnerability is refreshing.

And of course, it’s not all deep soul-searching. We have a lot of fun at Unbound events too. Whether it’s a multi-day scavenger hunt challenge, a student-created escape room, or the legendary game of musical chairs, there are Unbound experiences that just make darn good memories.

Maybe it hasn’t worked out yet for you to attend an Unbound event. That’s ok. You’ll have new opportunities! Stay tuned and subscribe for updates on Unbound events happening this year.

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