Your Student Can Find Meaningful Work

Is your student frustrated about finding meaningful work?

In our culture today, young adults are told that they can be anything they want to be. But they never hear how.

Now, I certainly don’t think that young adults can be anything they want to be. But when it comes to careers specifically I do believe that young adults have wide access to opportunities of all kinds. Not everyone becomes an NBA all-star but nowadays, few careers or industries limit themselves to only a certain demographic. So in one sense, in a career sense, young adults have a vast variety of opportunities in front of them.

Only a few generations ago, the career path was simple: you did what your parents did. If you grew up in a farming family, there was a very good chance that your children would too.

Now, a young adult’s career choices are wide open. There is more emphasis on “passion” and finding meaningful work that brings personal fulfillment and makes a difference in the world.

But without the clarity of a predetermined career path, many young adults find themselves stuck and frustrated. They want to find work they love but they don’t know how. They assume this must mean making a full-time salary for doing their hobbies. And when they can’t find anyone to pay them for their hobbies they give up on the idea of “finding work they love”.

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But young adults can find meaningful work that they love doing. It’s just not as simple as getting paid for hobbies.

I’m very excited to announce Unbound’s newest course: How to Find Work You Love.

This course will teach students how to identify their strengths and interests, how to uncover job opportunities that align with those strengths and interests, and how to effectively pursue those opportunities to find meaningful work that they enjoy and that makes a difference in the world.

In the video below I explain what the course covers and what to expect from the special live course format.

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