How much does Unbound cost?

If you’re in the market for a distance learning program for either high school or post-high school, you’re likely looking for specific features to fit your life, schedule, and student personality. We get it – there are tons of options to evaluate and the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming. At Unbound, we’re on a mission to simplify distance learning by offering flexible programs that serve your life and help you create more freedom with your time and money.

A common question we hear is “How much does Unbound cost?” While the answer depends on what you’re looking for, I’m here to give you an idea of the products and programs we offer and their approximate costs. Specific pricing depends on when your student enrolls and the promotions we’re running during that time. 

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Cost: $200 – $400

If you’re new to who we are and what we do, Navigate is a great place to start. This 16-week, self-paced life purpose course is designed for anyone 14 and up looking for tools to handle the questions and decisions life throws at you. This isn’t a typical life-purpose course with a guarantee of a flawless life plan. Rather, it’s a framework for thinking critically about questions, wisely evaluating decisions, and deliberately choosing a path forward. 

Course outcomes

Navigate students learn how to approach questions like

  • How do I figure out God’s will for my life?
  • How do I get unstuck and find motivation?
  • How do I know what I should do next?
  • What job should I take? Should I go to college?

How to know if Navigate is right for your student

Whether you have a high school student trying to figure out if they should go to college, trade school, or get a job, or a recent high school graduate trying to figure out the maze of life, Navigate can help them learn more about who they are designed to be. They’ll walk away from the course with a deeper understanding of their unique purpose, the ability to ask good questions, and a strategy for their next steps. Best of all, they’ll be a more critical thinker and a confident decision-maker. 

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You can register for Navigate as low as $197 by taking advantage of early bird pricing, available during the first two weeks of registration. Prices increase $100 every two weeks during registration so make sure you sign up early to save!

High School Programs

Cost: $599 – $1,397

We get it. Homeschooling is hard work; helping your teenagers through high school is a full-time job. That’s why we created Declare, Equip, and Explore, our high school coaching programs designed to teach students the practical life and study skills they need to take ownership of their education. If you’ve ever wanted a healthy peer environment for your homeschooling student, it’s here!

Declare Coaching with My Father’s World

The jump to high school is a big one for students and parents alike. That’s why we teamed up with My Father’s World to create Declare Coaching. My Father’s World is one of the most trusted biblically-based homeschool curriculum providers on the market. In Declare Coaching, students meet in bi-weekly group coaching calls and have direct access to a personal coach to help them plan and succeed in their lessons. Our coaches also regularly check in with parents about progress and challenges, and this all happens in a community of supportive people. 

You can enroll your student in Declare through My Father’s World. If you are already using My Father’s World high school curriculum, the coaching-only package starts at $599. If you want to bundle coaching and curriculum together,  you can add Declare to your purchase of their high school curriculum.  

Equip Coaching

Equip is our 9th- through 11th-grade high school coaching program and includes group coaching calls, practical skills training, and 1-2 hands-on projects in student-led areas of interest. Students take a study skills course and an introductory worldview training course, both designed to help them take ownership of their high school journey. Unlike Declare, the Equip program stands on its own and is designed to be used alongside any high school curriculum.

Coaching is a core element of our high school programs. Students meet in bi-weekly calls led by our coaches, who help them digest what they’ve been learning, figure out what to focus on, and engage in team discussions. Our coaches challenge students, hold them accountable, and support them along the way. Think of them as guides who care about students’ success, not just bosses making sure they do their homework. 

Here’s how much Equip costs over a year:

Early BirdAugust – December$747
RegularJanuary – April$847
LateMay – July$947
Equip Coaching Registration Costs

Explore Coaching and Dual-Credit

Our 12th-grade program is Explore and has similar elements as Equip. It includes group coaching calls, advanced life skills training, and worldview training. Students also have the option to earn college credit through credit-by-exam programs like the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Best of all, Explore students attend APEX, Unbound’s epic national student event!

Registration costs for Explore are as follows:

Early BirdAugust – December$1,197
RegularJanuary – April$1,297
LateMay – July$1,397
Explore Coaching and Dual-Credit Registration Costs

Post-High School Programs

Cost: $3,000 – $14,000

The Ascend Program

If your student is looking for a post-high school program that values practical skills training, critical thinking development, and deep community, Ascendmay be a good fit. Ascend is Unbound’s 3-year leadership and professional development program that gives students a network and community for life, relevant, resume-worthy skills that will put them ahead in the job market, and the opportunity to earn high-level certificates. Ascend does all this while providing students the freedom and flexibility to remain local, invest in their family and friends, and pursue jobs and other opportunities along the way. 

Program breakdown

Ascend students earn high-level certificates in leadership training, build practical skills through hands-on projects, and have the option to complete field-specific specialty tracks in art, videography, and writing. Since we believe in learning by doing, these certificates, projects, and field-specific training are more than just academic knowledge. They are all based on the foundation of project-based education that involves planning, execution, and the risk of failure. Students learn to take ownership of their projects and educational journey in a supportive environment that equips them to succeed.

Program cost

How much you pay for Ascend depends on your student’s enrollment level. Our first package, Ascend Semester, starts at $3,000 and runs during the spring semester each year. Ascend Semester includes an Ascend Semester Team, monthly Subject-Matter Expert (SME) Webinars, one live student event, two online life and leadership courses, and an 8-week project. 

The full Ascend program runs for 1-3 years August-June. There are three enrollment options for the full program and the first option starts at $7,995 with the certificate path. This is the base enrollment option for Ascend and includes an Ascend team with monthly team calls for accountability and peer coaching, monthly SME Webinars, four live events held every 12 weeks, a 3-course leadership series, an Ascend project, and two high-level certificates in leadership and professional development. 

Enrollment options and payment plans

We also offer a pay-as-you-go option for enrollment with monthly payment schedules. These payment plans typically run for 12-15 months at $500 – $900 per month. There is a $1,000 service fee added to the payment plans so you’ll get your best deal by paying in full. Plus, if you pay using a bank transfer, we’ll send you an Amazon gift card for $25 – $50. We love saving money and are pretty sure you do too. 

The price for Ascend goes up as you add college courses and travel packages. In addition to the certificate track, there is also a specialty track and a debt-free degree track. The certificate and specialty track include 0, 9, or 15 credits and the debt-free degree track includes 30 credits. A typical 9-credit package with travel runs about $10,000 and includes the base enrollment cost, 9 college credits, registration and travel to 4 in-person events, and access to the best long-distance student community you’ve ever seen.

If your student is looking for more college credit, our 15- or 30-credit packages might fit the bill. These options range from around $11,000 to $13,000 (paid in full) or $500 – $1,200 per month on our pay-as-you-go installment plan. You can add a travel package to either, as well as a specialty track in art, videography, or writing. Our travel packages start at $500 with early bird pricing and go up to $2,000, while our specialty tracks start at $1,000 with early bird and go up to $2,250. 

Here’s how it all fits together. Let’s say you’re a student looking for a 15-credit Ascend package with travel to our four awesome student events. You’d pay about $11,500 if you paid in full or about $760 per month on a 15-month pay-as-you-go installment plan (plus a $1,000 deposit).

Ascend is a highly flexible program designed to fit your schedule and meet your educational goals without requiring you to go tens of thousands of dollars into debt. The biggest requirement for success in the program is an attitude of mastery and a willingness to show up and work hard. 

If you have more questions about our programs, send our Billing Department an email at [email protected]. Or send them bags of gummy bears. They prefer gummy bears over emails but always appreciate emails about gummy bears.

Other Resources

Cost: $20 – $50

The Personal Triangle ($18.97)

If you’re curious about Unbound and would like to know more about the way we operate, I recommend reading The Personal Triangle, a book written by our CEO, Jonathan Brush. This quick read shows you how your unique strengths function best in the context of relationships. It’s not another personality test, although it will help you understand yourself better. Instead, this book is about understanding people, your strengths, what abilities and aptitudes contribute to success, and how all this ties into human flourishing. 

Where do triangles come into this, you ask? Jonathan shows how all of us tend to be creators, connectors, or coordinators. While we all have overlapping strengths in these three areas, we tend to be strongest in one of them. Understanding this helps you lean into your strength and figure out how it works best with others. 

Keep an eye out for our new book The Team Triangle: Finding Work You Love launching soon! It’s the same set of principles as in The Personal Triangle but designed to help you find work that matters. 

The Student’s Guide to CLEP Exams ($20)

Train Your Young Adult to Thrive Parent Course ($49.97)

Life Skills Course ($150.00)

Online Events Webinar Recordings ($10 – $50)

Website and Social Media

Cost: Free

The quickest way to learn more about who we are and what we’re about is to look us up online. You can check out our website and social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok) for fun updates, blog posts, and more!