Available Majors

BA Anthropology

BA Biology

BA Computer Science

BA Criminal Justice

BA English

BA Humanities

BA International Studies

BA Liberal Studies

BA Mathematics

BA Music

BA Natural Sciences/Mathematics

BA Political Science

BA Psychology

BA Social Sciences

BA Sociology

BA/BS History

BA/BS Homeland Security

BA/BSBA Communications

BS Biblical and Educational Studies

BS Christian Leadership and Management

BS Criminal Justice: Business Administration and Management

BS Criminal Justice: Crime Scene Investigation

BS Criminal Justice: Criminal Psychology

BS Criminal Justice: Homeland Security

BS Criminal Justice: Juvenile Justice

BS Criminal Justice: Public Administration

BS Criminal Justice: Strategic Intelligence Studies

BS Early Childhood Education

BS Elementary Education

BS Government: National Security

BS Government: Politics and Policy

BS Government: Pre-Law

BS Government: Public Administration

BS Informatics: Healthcare

BS Information Systems: Accounting Information Systems

BS Information Systems: Data Networking

BS Information Systems: Database

BS Information Systems: Information Assurance

BS Information Technology: Application & Database Development

BS Information Technology: Data Networking & Security

BS Information Technology: Gaming Design

BS Information Technology: Web & Mobile Programming

BS Organizational Leadership

BS Paralegal Studies

BS Psychology: Addictions and Recovery

BS Psychology: Christian Counseling

BS Psychology: Criminal

BS Psychology: Crisis Counseling

BS Psychology: Developmental

BS Psychology: Life Coaching

BS Psychology: Military Resilience

BS Religion: Biblical and Theological Studies

BS Religion: Christian Counseling

BS Religion: Christian Ministries

BS Religion: Evangelism

BS Social Work

BS Special Education

BSAST Information Technology

BSBA Accounting

BSBA Computer Info Systems

BSBA Economics

BSBA Entrepreneurship

BSBA Finance

BSBA Financial Planning

BSBA General Management

BSBA Green and Sustainable Management

BSBA Healthcare Management

BSBA Human Resources Management

BSBA International Business

BSBA Leadership

BSBA Marketing

BSBA Marketing Analytics

BSBA Marketing: Digital Marketing & Advertising

BSBA Marketing: Sales Management and Professional Selling

BSBA Marketing: Strategic Marketing Management

BSBA Project Management

BSBA Public Administration

Pre-Med (Degree add-on)

3-Week Online Intensive for Parents of High Schoolers

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