How Does Travel Work for Ascend Events?

One of the most important parts of Unbound’s Ascend program is the live, in-person events. Ascend is a program that is designed to keep students integrated and active in their local communities, but gives students several opportunities to gather, collaborate, and enjoy time with their fellow students in-person, in some truly fantastic places.

But that begs the question: how do students get to all of these events?

How do flights to events work?

Because the events are held all across the country, air travel is the most common method of transport. For each event, students are given a time by which they should look to have each of their flights arrive and depart, respectively, in order to make sure that they can be transported to and from the event venue via shuttle along with the rest of the students.

Which airline students use is up to them, as long as they are able to fly into the designated airport for the venue. For the current roster of events, students fly into Charlotte (CLT), Pensacola (PNS), and Denver (DEN).

If figuring out the logistics for all of these flights sounds stressful, you can have our team take care of it all for you! We offer a Travel Add-on Package at enrollment, which includes the cost of the flights for all three events, and our logistics team will book the flights for you. If you have additional questions about the travel package, book a call with our admissions team.

What if my student wants to drive or carpool?

If students live close enough to the venue of a given event, or if they want to carpool with some of their fellow students, the option to drive to an event is also open. You might be surprised at how many of our students go out of their way to arrange carpools with each other, just so they can have more time with the friends they’ve made through Ascend!

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Drivers are also given time windows in which they should look to arrive to and leave from each event venue, so that our staff can make sure to account for everyone.

How many of these events are there?

Up until now, there have been three events included in Ascend: APEX in August, Basecamp in January, and Capstone in April.

Why do I say “up until now”, you might ask?

That’s because in 2024, we’re thrilled to be including a fourth event in the Ascend program, which will take place in the fall! So, students will have an event to experience every 12 weeks that they’re enrolled in the program.

If you’d like to learn more about what your student could experience in these events, and take advantage of the travel package offer, schedule a call with our admissions team.